• 1.500KWD

Days to Maturity: 79 DAYS

Attractive ears with wonderfully tender, sweet kernels that melt in your mouth!

Ears start 2.5' from the ground for easy harvest and are well wrapped in dark green husks. Plants are 7' tall and average 2 ears per plant with 16 rows of kernels each. Thanks to our partnership with Seneca Vegetable Research. High Mowing is the exclusive producer of organic seed for this variety. A portion of the sales of this variety are paid to the breeder.

Synergistic (sy)

8-9" ears

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Common Rust
Intermediate Resistance: Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Stewart's Wilt


Seeding Depth

Seeding depth: 1-2”

Plant Spacing

For early varieties 8-10” ”; for main season crops 10-12”

Row Spacing

Row Spacing: for early varieties 24"; for main season crops 30-36”. Plant each variety in blocks of at least 4 rows for adequate pollination.

When to Sow

Direct seed only after soil has warmed to 65°F, after all danger of frost has passed, to ensure germination. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F. Corn can also be transplanted, which is becoming more common in regions with shorter growing seasons.  Start transplants in small cells 3-4 weeks before planting date. Double up plants per cell to save space and increase final plant spacing to accommodate.

Other Considerations

To avoid cross pollination, separate blocks of individual varieties by at least 500 ft or plant to ensure tasseling at different times (plant varieties with different days to maturity, or use successive planting dates). Plants are in pollination mode for 2 – 3 weeks from time of tassel. If planting successions of the same variety, wait until the first succession reaches 2” before planting the next. This can be continued until 80 days before expected frost.  Successive plantings of different varieties (to avoid cross pollination) should be made at 8 leaf stage of last planting.


Harvest when ear silks have dried down and when kernels are filled to the tip and have colored up. Corn is generally ready 18-24 days after first silk has formed


For best quality, eat right away. Cool corn to 32°F within one hour of harvest. Corn will hold well for 1-4 days at 32°F and high humidity, but will decrease in sugars more rapidly at higher temps and longer duration.


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