• 1.500KWD

Days to Maturity: 25 DAYS

Pearl-white smooth round radish with improved uniformity and strong tops.

With highly vigorous growth and strong crack resistance, Pearl is a workhorse white radish. Beautiful in mixed displays with red and purple types, as single-color roots, or in bunches. Strong tops are especially suited to bunching. From our partners at Vitalis Organic Seeds.

Vigorous growth

Strong crack resistance

Seeding Depth

Planting depth: 1/4-1/2”

Plant Spacing

Plant spacing: for garden radishes 1”, for daikon 4-6”. Thin if necessary to ensure even sizing.

Row Spacing

For garden radishes 8-12”, for daikon 12-16”.

 When to Sow

Radishes can be direct seeded as soon as soil can be worked and are best adapted to the cooler temperatures and shorter day-length of spring and fall. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 65-85°F. Seedlings emerge within a few days. Plant every 10 days for a continual supply. Winter radishes should be planted to mature around fall frost date.


Harvest radishes on time as they do not hold well in the field, especially in warm weather when roots tend to become pithy and pungent.


Topped radishes will keep good quality for 3-4 weeks if store at near freezing temperatures with high humidity in semi-permeable containers.


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